H9 valfi

It was my hostels validictory functiin today, well yesterday but since we were drinking all night long I dont know the difference. I have passed out of my institute last year itself, but i have so many loving juniors whom i consider my brothers i just had to be with them.
You have to witness one to know whats it like. peolple get drunk like hell and then its a total cathartic experience …..people who habe small grudges from long ago actually come out in the open …..there nothing in our hearts which 5-=6 pegs of romanov and signature whisky doesnt do….who says alcohol is bad ….its such a cathartic agent as not even been discovered by greek bloody philosophers….. i give you my theory make a whole group of people drunk together and all there misunderstandings and etc etc …will get sorted out blooody hell …..
well then with that pearls of wisdomness i am signing off to the mess hall to get aloo parathas with sweet curd. Sweet bhagvaan have mercy on us souls with a weak heart,we cannot endure so much emotions witihin one day.

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