Mocha Shake

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Anish flew back to boston. The last two months have been great because of him. Had a real nice time with him, santosh and gang. Through him i came to know so many cool people.

It was last week when he planned a trip to marine drive. And it starts raining when we reach there. We get soaked to our bones. Have kala jamuns and chamchams at some dairy. The menu had a lot of cool sounding mithais, like bunty babli, rani bhog, etc.etc. but they dint have any of them in stock. So we had be happy with kjs and ccs. But must say that they were really tasty.

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Strolled along the seaface, when lightning started bolting here and there. Thank god none of us were wearing underwired bras, or we would have been sizzle fried. I was trying to find a restaurant i had heard of which serves amazing food at really cheap rates, called Crystal. It’s somewhere near the chowpatty overbridge. But due to the heavy rains and the uninformed taxi drivers and watchmen, we couldn’t find the place. Aneesh meanwhile called a friend and we all got into a taxi to her place near bombay hospital.

He got a bottle of wine as present for her. We got on the old wooden lift, on our way to her place. It was a old pushtaini kind of place. She welcomed the four of us, giving us towels to dry off. And within minutes we were all chatting like old friends. She teaches law at KC college and is a practicing lawyer, taking social issues etc. Left liberal all the way. And she had won the best director in Mood Indigo 1978. She also had an activist couple as guests. They are working in UP on caste related problems. We all sat down around the wine and the vodka that followed, discussing socio economic problems.

On a side note, i am a little wary of such activists. More so with those who have given up their whole life for issues. I think that great passion for something makes one irrational to a degree. When something comes up which shakes their belief system, the fear that their life has gone to waste, makes them really illogical. But I controlled myself and humored them with yeses.

Time flew fast and we could barely manage to catch the last local from churchgate.

p.s. there is a small restaurant called Rehmania, behind the Delhi Darbar, near Bombay hospital (marine lines). They serve mallu maapla style food. The prices are so ridiculously low and the taste is 100% authentic. highly recommended.

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  1. ‘marine drive thunderbolt night immortalized by kaa’ – yeh naam hona chahiye tha post ka 😀

    ek bandaa mila tha aaj elec eng ka – RFID ke history ke baare mein bataa raha tha. muy interesante!

  2. I think eccentricity and irrationality which comes with the whole package of passion is inevitable…. but its like cigarette addiction, u smoke with the knowledge of hazards 😉
    I’ll take u to crystal this weekend…. wht say ?


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