Sify Broadband SUCKS !!!

I am so angry, fire is coming ot off my nose….X-< Since the monsoons came with a bang, the switch from which i get my net got fried. And when someone takes a connection from a company as famous as sify, one would expect at least some professionalism. It has been 15 days and still, “sir, ek ghante mein ladka aa raha hai”, “sir abhi ladka khana khane gaya hai, aate hi bhejti hoon”, “hum wiring kar rahe hain, apka building next hai” Yesterday i got fed up of this bullshit and went to their office and announced that i was not leaving until they sent someone with me. The girl tried calling some of the service guys, but all their phones were switched off. She then called her bossni, the wife of the owner. Now whe annonced the guy will definitely come by 9:30. It was 7:30 than and i was alone with that receptionist in the office. No point if my protest did not get noticed. So i left. Today still no net. I went to their office. There sits the huge and fat owner Mr. Basu, barking out orders on his phones. And his wife gives me a xeroxed copy of a letter to all its users, ” sorry …rains, lightning, ….great damage….damage estimation…..blah blah …etc..etc.. regretting …..Om Sai internet” Problem with most of the isps here is, they work through franchisees. These franchisees charge service charge in addition to the isps internet package. The ISP does not have any control over this. My local internet operator (Om sai internet) charges 150 bucks extra. Which is in addition to the unlimited 128 kbps package (750 bucks). People have been victims of sify since a long time. here is a thread 2 years long: this guy ankur i think is a lawyer who sues such companies. Power and aashirwads to him. jaa mera laal, mooh kala kar de unka. I am fed up, now i am getting a reliance fone just for internet.

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