Low seating – Grace Five inches high

When making load bearing furniture with wood, often minimal use of wood is preferred. In addition to saving wood, it also shows intelligent structural design. Another benefit is the lesser weight, which makes it easier to move around. The very first stool I had made was one such. But this kind also has limitations. The factor of safety is less. What happens if a person double than the average adult weight sits on it? Another issue could be if someone sits and moves around a lot or to an extreme degree, the joints may creak.

low seating wooden stool
With this low stool I preferred going the opposite way. I have made it so strong a baby elephant could do a headstand on it and it shouldn’t creak. The legs are at an angle means that even if you sit on it and swing your weight around it still remains flush with the ground. Usually with many seating if we shift weight to some degree, two legs rise up detaching from the ground. This stool doesn’t move a bit. It is meant to be an extension to the element earth and minimizes vibrations. It is the next best thing to sitting on the floor.
low seating belly up

If you followed my posts I am a proponent of grounded living. I have made a conscious decision to try to make more such small steps, so to say which may help someone who wants to make that shift. A sudden shift from an average chair or cot to the ground maybe a big leap. These intermediary wooden ‘tools’ will help someone who wants to make the jump.

If you would like purchase, here is the Link to buy. More details in the product page.

Like myself this stool is also an ambassador to grounded living. On its belly is inscribed this verse,
“I am Grace
Ambassador of slow pace
Member of the species tortoise
Queen of calm poise
Use me as a stepping stone
Not to climb up
But to sprawl down
To feel the stillness
Be one with the

Low seating.belly. inscription verse

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