Corner Lamp Natural Edge wood

Once while in Auroville, I came across this incredible low table, made with two symmetrical huge planks of walnut. It was so breathtaking I couldn’t wait to tell Kenji about it. The next day when I mentioned this, he told me that it was called the ‘Peace’ table. Made by George Nakashima, who made six such tables out of one huge walnut tree, for the six continents. Kenji also had Nakashima as one of his inspirations.

I started reading more about Nakashima, later even had the opportunity to attend a day long event in his memory at NID, where I could chat with his son in law. In this lamp, the idea for sourcing wood from firewood depots is borrowed from Nakashima.

Corner lamp unlit

Corner Lamp - lit
Corner lamp made with live edge wood

This piece of wood caught my eye almost five years ago in one of my first such hunts. It was part of a burnt tree, this part being hollow. Their was a nice hole in the cobra like hood. The ‘snake likeness’ remained in my head. What if the snake could get a crown?The first idea was to use a circular CFL lamp around the hole, with a brass disc above it. This would have prevented direct light and reflection would pass through the center epoxy filled hole. But with time the CFL idea became problematic, as I had difficulty finding one in a shop. Now it was the age of LEDs. Even if I could find one, what would the buyer do when it went bad. For a long time this lamp was pushed into dark corners. It saw light, when this idea came to completely ‘out-source’ the electrical part. Make it time and tech proof. This lamp takes any string of fairy lights which can be wrapped around its crown. Will post detailed pics later of the crown.

Photographic this was extremely low tech, but time and patience consuming. I had to position the tripod and camera at the same position where I took the picture during daytime and wait until it got dark. To be listed on REGA.IN in a few days.

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