holi hungama

This time Holi reset my body clock. I used to sleep at 6am till around 2-3 in the afternoon. Which ate up all my day. So on holi day i decided to dayout.

First to hostel to my wingmates.
Narrowly avoided being thrown into muddy waters.
Then to batchmates who live nearby.
Narrowly avoided having an “azo dye dant manjan”.

Then 5 of us headed to water kingdom.
Pondy, rane, uppoo, gajju and I.
A long journey later,
(auto to andheri, train to malad, auto to marve beach, ferry to water kingdom)
in which we narrowly avoided being capsized by a killer whale, we reached the place.

Lots of lovey dovey couples and gujju families.

sidenote: T-shirt and slacks, should be banned at amusement parks.

In the mass of people we lost sight of uppoo and rane. They had not one Re between them and we had the key to the locker. Adrenaline from the rides kept them alive till evening when we found them.

I want to work for esselworld, for the post of “Ride Namer”, that is naming rides.
Boggle Bogie, chumunga vumunga, dhoondoo – lundoo, Jalebi Spin, etc..etc..
Now that would be an exciting job.

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  1. WTF !!!! I expectd a longer blog…. i’vent got much work to do and this is kinda the only entertainment I have…. this is infair….


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