God of elfwood disappoints his subjects

Whatsup with me. I had another one of those filmi dreams. This time it was a fantasy, in archaic english.

Two little elves are sitting in the hollow of a tree. When suddenly the tree becomes a tree man. The elves are are not worried because this is not new for them. The tree man addresses them, “Elves prepare to die!”.

Now as everyone knows elves are “amar” and there is nothing which could kill them. So the elves start laughing at the treeman’s words.

Now furious, the tree man’s voice booms, “you little thimblings, you think I am an old barky tree, don’t you. I defeated the GOd of Elfwood. And that fearful little thing that you call your GOD, wept and cried, begging for his life.”

sidenote: in elfwood the gods can die, they are not “amar”.

Tree man: “Infact he traded his life in exchange of all the elves….HA HA HA HA…”

Now realizing the tragedy of the situation, one of the elves steps forward, “Take me first , Oh tree GOD. Because I can’t see my friend die. I’d rather go first.”

But then something miraculous happens, the other elf begins to transform. Half his body begins covering with armour, and his right hand changes into something really deadly. He roars, “Not so fast, O tree GOD, half my body maybe dung to you, but the other half can take you down. This is a armour worn by great human king Saladin. I could only get half of it, but even that is enough for you.”

And his deadly right hand begins to elongate and enlarge towards the neck of the tree god.

And then i wake up.

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