Filmi Sapna

Normally i never remember my dreams. But this time was different.

I am sitting in a bus stop type of place.
It’s dark.
and I am the only one around.
I hear some voices, female voices. Voices in distress.
I see two gundas taking two girls by force up a stair.
The girls are resisting. But the gundas are musclebound.
I step in, with a iron rod lying nearby.
“Stop it”, I say.
They ignore me.
The rod in my hand crashes on one of the gunda’s back.
He groans. “maa@#$#@#…teri..#$@#$”, he cries.
I am ready for more if the other one tries anything. But he is a little dazed.
And then the girl says to me, “Mind your own business, go away”, with an angry tone.
I say, “Fuck it….” drop the rod, which tan tana tans across the floor, turn around and go.

Next scene is: I am on the roof of the 2 floor building. And I can see the 2 men talking, about me, just outside the entrance.
In fact they are out of their daze and want to take revenge, and beat me up. They are waiting at the entrance for me to come out. Their eyes are on the door.
I look around….there is a electric pole about a metre from the building. I jump from the roof to the pole. Slide down silently. When I am around one floor down..I see some loose wires hanging. From the pole onto the wires, and a swing towards one of the guys. I land heavily with a kick on that guy’s head.

And then i wake up.

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