childhood lost? or is it….

I and rane are discovering the joys of urban childhood. Having spent our childhood in a small town (small town, placewise and 15 years ago, timewise), without any arcades etc..we are doing everything to fill that hole.

First is the bumper ride or the dashing car. We have so much fun there…we gang up and bang the hell out of small kids. Even an auntie who was on childhood rediscovery herself, got real bangs from both of us. But inside the ring their is such camaraderie, no one really minds, infact most enjoy the attention. And when I banged into someone, my smile always got reflected back. What else…i love bumpy cars.

With this kindergarten project taking away my saturdays, treks are out of question. So these are the only tid bits of unadulterated joy we can have,…… without using alchohol that is.

Some of the other plans we have for the coming weekends….

1)Role playing: one of us will be a shiekh and the other his assitant. Shiekh would talk arabic sounding gibberish to the assistant, which the assistant would translate.
Another scenario is, elder brother and mentally retarded young man. And so on….

2)We are going to buy a stock of toys and board games. Infact yesterday i made him huy me a balloon umbrella, which i then used to make the small kids jealous of. But one girl was so cute, even I did’nt have the hardness of heart needed to do that.

3)Get a video camera, and document all this.

3 thoughts on “childhood lost? or is it….”

  1. dudes…you guys need to experience the joys not of a deprived childhood but of a similarly deprieved adolescence and get laid 😛


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