Scratched record, Duet vali besuri, manna de show

With due respects to musicians and old people, and particulary to musicians, I would like to say something. When your vocal chords get tired better stay at home. Well age is in the mind, but after a certain extent it effects our body too. Can’t he hear himself and doesn’t he respect music and his audience. And the accompanying singer was really bad, was making so many mistakes. And the even older anchor who was reciting antique shayari and sardaar jokes. My friend tells me he made the same jokes at a show in Goregaon too.

When someone is strugling at learning a art, i appreciate it. But someone who has made it to a perfection, to the top, i think should make a graceful exit, before starting to croak. Sing at your home, beside lonely riverbanks.

Some quotes, (paraphrased)…

“now i am singing such and such song…from the film, directed by my friend the great director, who unfortunately is no more, for the hero, …sorry i forget the heroine’s name.”

“In those days……..heee-haaaw, but nowadays blaah – blaah….”

“and this was composed by the great music director, who has left us long ago, and penned by the great lyricist of west bengal”

“and now let me sing a benGOli song about coffee houses, where the elite of all benGOL came to drink tea….oops coffee”

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