I am desperate. Its been around 1.5 years since I have been crashing around with friends. I need a space to call my own.
Oh boy..am I getting some mid-twenties syndrome.

4 thoughts on “1bhk”

  1. i intended it to be ironical…so the landlord cannot claim of having been cheated….
    someone suggested cutting off the ‘decent’ part with a pen….but than it would be worse off.

  2. santosh bola ki he saw you with your posters near main gate (?), any responses yet? mujhe pehle laga ki tu majaak kar raha hai 🙂
    best of luck!
    cutting off decent would have been cool but i guess landlords dont come with such a great sense of humour.
    kya bolta hai? 😀

  3. i got two responses till now…but both where quite far …one in Kalyan ..other in Borivali.
    i dint expect that …it was more for fun 🙂

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