A journo and a banker

Yesterday, was like most working days. Only difference was a supershot of serendipity. I was standing at Sarvapriya vihar bus stop, waiting for my bus, twiddling my thumbs.
When I saw these two batchmates of mine, from IITb, walk towards me. For a sec I thougt, am I dreaming? Ravish Tiwari and Sushanto, ravish who I knew to be studying in Oxford and Sushanto who worked in Bangalore.
Meeting people who we know in a big city like delhi is like, a very rare incident. Anyway caught with them in the evening after work. Ravish who did his MTech in Metallurgy, is now a journalist in Indian Express and Sushanto (same degree) is in Investment Banking.
Then had a lengthy beer headed chat on the education system in India, with these words coming often, ‘population’, ‘demand’, ‘supply’, ‘reservation’, ‘aristotle’, ‘coaching’ etc. coming in.
Also got some views on the issue from a JEE aspirant, who between mouthfuls of parathha, vented his anger on this years easy JEE paper.
Anyway, keep an eye out for Ravish’s articles in the express. He writes about politics, poverty and policies.

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