Are you the favorite person of anybody?

I stumbled upon this question, with Miranda July’s short film with the same name. I had seen her, ‘You and me and everyone we know’ and absolutely loved it. It was mayank who had the awesome idea of searching this short film on youtube. and here it is …

And this is a ideal film which describes how powerful a short film can be. A simple question, which many wouldn’t even have thought about, but who do so when they here it. And the question itself is so powerful. Let’s assume that every person on earth has one such favorite person. Even though many wouldn’t have thought about it, they may vote for one, when asked this question. And only one person could be the favorite. So in the ideal case, if everyone was the favorite of just one person, then that means everyone has got one personal fan. Now obviously there are some people, who are so charming, that they are favorites of more then just one. So the direct implication is, there would be many, who are nobody’s favorite.

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