Will you take the pill?

Can you guess what this is :
Aim: To prove that x does this when mixed with y.

Equipment needed:x, y and a jar.

Procedure: Mix x and y, wait for 20 minutes.

Observation: waiting and watching the jar, which would eventually change its color. ( while unoficially everyone would try mixing different chems and create rainbows spilling it on each other’s lab coat)

Result: It is proved that x does this when mixed with y.

Yeah sure, it is the science lab report. Everyone of us had to do it. I always wondered why the result was always “succeeded in reaching the aim”.
So did “experimenting” really meant that you have to know beforehand what you will get as the result?
Or were experiments only meant to “proove” something?

Also what if the mixture turned into something else if kept for a significantly longer time?

In the late 19th century a british doctor published a scientific study about newborn babies. The problem was their high mortality rate. The result of the study was, “As newborn babies are very susceptible to germs, infection etc. they should be touched as little as possible. Not even by their mothers.”
He gained quite some fame for having found a way to save thousands of babies. Doctors and hospitals applied this new funda. 50 years later it was proven that actually mother’s touch (or for that matter any caring touch) infact improves the babies immunity.
And then people looked back at the statistics.
They found that the funda used 50 years back had actually caused an increase in the mortality rate. Though with advances in medicine this was compensated in 10-20 years.

Now scientists are telling us that the ‘pill’ can actually cause sexual disfunction in women. The pill which was regarded as one of the great modern inventions has a darker side? Something which liberated women… hmmm……. how can the pill makers even face the millions of women, who may have lost their whole youth with less than whole sex?

Or the more frequent reports like:
Chocolates are good for health. No they are not.
If you drink one peg a day, it’s good for your health. Or is it?
We can dismiss these by the fact that chocolate and maybe liquor corporates are the one’s sponsoring these research.

But what about the sincere scientist who works for the benefit of mankind? Are their findings any more credible.

I do not fully comprehend where the fault lies, in the basic tenets of science? it’s wrong application? What I KNOW is “What science knows is an iota compared with what it does not.”

And now they have discovered something which completely stops the menstrual cycle. Wait till 2040 and you’ll see the reason why women started getting facial hair. Or maybe that will be the style statement of that era, of the ‘machosexual female’.

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  1. log sirf “hot fields” mein research karte hai, lihaaja jisme paisa ho. e.g. “nanomedicine” in US – infi paisa infi craze, jaise 90’s mein indian NGO’s had discovered the “hot field” of AIDS awareness, phir baba bangali, kirit somaiyya aur balbeer pasha ko kaun bhool sakta hai.

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