and Now this!!

The pups of “lakad baggha” (cousin of the african Hyena) run away from their mother as soon as they are born. As their diet consists of mainly rotting flesh and such they have a very rough tongue, which can peel the very skin off. And the pups do have very soft skin too. I had heard it from a uncle who was a forest ranger in the forests of chhatisgarh. So when i came across this article in nature, it brought back memories of my uncle, who was incidently eaten by a man eater. It seems some guys in japan have successfully bred a Lakad Baggha with a less rough tongue. Its saliva combined with its rough tongue does not affect the skin but removes hair very efficienly.


These japs…they will give beauty salons a run for their money. Guess babes will keep lakad bagghas as pets and make it lick their legs.

At least pet shop guys will make some money.

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