Wardrobe Malfunction Malattraction

Yes I know you want to see it. Here they are.

Happy, you must be, like everyone, from the media to the masses. Everyone likes to see someone (or shall we say something) else slip, and what better then a model.
A professional who uses his/her body.
Then why do people and the law prosecute a guy who sells MMS clips on ebay. Because it is illegal? The newspapers are smarter, as they get away with it, by placing appropriate blocks of black.

Is the actual “thing” more shameful than the whole episode?

People’s reactions over the episode are being published. And the discussion is definitely not about the printability of the matter.

Some thing the models are actually attention mongers. Maybe some of them are. But then the whole thing is even more pathetic, as they have made puppets out of media and the people.

And even from a commercial point of view, one of the newspapers can position itself as Moral, by not printing it. And publicising that fact (of not printing it).

6 thoughts on “Wardrobe Malfunction Malattraction”

  1. Especially if you have read the front page HT article. It’s the height of obscenity…I wonder whether entity named ‘editor’ exists!!

  2. really liked the way u have gone actually out of way to discuss this MMS controversy……I do agree with u that if present for all nation what’s bad if its on phones for personal views………


  3. today i got the clips….I dont understand what is the big deal about the whole thing. It was just an accident, just like sometimes our zips remain open 😉 Now if they are letting the whole event happen and many others like that and worse are some of the latest movies then why come out now with showing your broken heart because the Indian thing is against it. Where is all this when a rape happens or a girl gets teased. Everyone has eyes on them even the good old politicians, the police, the grandfathers….where is the Indian culture? or is it just hypocrisy..

  4. Media is one of the biggest culprits…they love sensationalism… and what better way to provide catalysts and create an issue. From printing those pics on the front page, and showing the clips all day long, they seem to have succeeded. What’s different between the forwarded MMS clips and the clips shown in the news. The pixellated blocks are even more titillating if you ask me.

    And now they are after the cultural police…let the sleeping dogs lie…first they wake it up with smells of the flesh and when the dog runs berserk they cry murder.

  5. A strange observation!

    On Fool’s Day you lambasted the most celebrated of them. Thats called paying a tribute 🙂

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