Happy or Sad

3 books read-

“The curious incident of the dog in the night time.” – Read kekre’s copy, which Ranchu had brought. So had to finish it at a stretch, cover to cover in 5 hours. It’s unputtable.

“Invisible Monsters” – By chuck pahlunuik (spellliing?..) author of fight club. The style is like fight club, though i have only seen, not read FC. Maybe it’s the content, but i did’nt like it.

“7 times 6 is 43” – kiran nagarkar’s marathi novel translated into english. It’s too good. Highly recommended.

Being a freelancer has it’s ups and downs. Lot’s of free time in the last 10 days. But problem is i can’t decide if it’s a up or a down. Very bittersweet, coz on one hand total freedom, lots of sleep, novels, t shirt paintings..etc..etc.. But no income :).

That’s going to change today …Confused if i should be happy or sad.

2 thoughts on “Happy or Sad”

  1. Gajendra Agrawal

    its not necessary that while earning you cant do all these thing.. and while earning you can be happy. some people earn happily i guess like singer, a painter, …but at the same time there are people who love coding …I have seen people writing their resume in linux vi aditor, and have seeen network people writing mobile numbre as 98.122.543. like this .. its shows their engrossed state in what they do but are they happy ? I think they are. May be you feel happy when u are sleeping , having lots of time and painting and not working for money but are u sad or happy that you have to make clear

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