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Should I delete all my accounts on social networks? For one I have never used them proactively, so it is not that I will loose something on that front. The only benefits I have had is that I could get in touch with long lost friends. But the world has become a small place now. I can find the contact of anyone I want to; I am not talking about personal phone numbers of bollywood actresses, but my circle of friends, including long lost ones. And most of them can find me. At least 99% of them know someone who can contact me.

What else would I lose?
The anxiety to check on facebook if someone has uploaded any pictures or what did someone take a quiz of. But is that bad? Isn’t that anxiety a minor sort of addiction?
or if someone has made any comments on other people’s statuses? Why do I need to know what other people think of my friends statuses? Maybe it helps me to know the social relationships of people around me. And how does that help me? Does it even? It sure gives food for thought. But is that food the most nutritious for the mind?

What about professional social networks? From what I know of myself I would never use one of those. I would always keep them on the outside chance that I would need them someday. If I am so sure I won’t use them, what is the use of keeping them.

Update on May 04 – I have deleted both my orkut and facebook account. It seems a design critique of different deleting and deactivating schemes is needed. Facebook doesn’t doesnt allow deleting the account, only deactivating. Which means you can relogin anytime. Also that other facebook members can still see your pages, photos etc. So I manually deleted everything.

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