The mixed salad

Second in the series of stories based on photos.

Doctor Thomas expecting a child wild with pain, thrashing around, was pleasantly surprised to see him quiet calm. His face was hardly visible, covered in blood. He opened his medical box and got down to work. Apparently a small piece of shrapnel was lodged at the base of his neck. With a razor borrowed from a onlooker he went to work. The child lost consciousness in the first few minutes.

He had been brought to the masjid by the imaams son, Junaid. Caught between two religious mobs fighting over yet another petty issue. The imaams son was crouching along with this kid in a small nook. They exchanged names, he was Samraat, a street kid an orphan. Meanwhile while the mob was thinning out, a molotov bomb fell a metre away. Samraat got hurt. Seeing all the blood on the kids face, Junaid just could’nt leave the kid alone, helpless.

Samraat, now lives in the masjid. And he prays daily to his own god.

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