Five headed she dragon

The five headed she dragon started spewing acid, on the whole countryside. It did clean all the toilet commodes but did a lot of damage to the monuments which where made of marble.

People had been anticipating something of this sort. They hadn’t sent to the dragon his monthly decided quota of a beautiful virgin girl. The decision not to send was not because of any moral dilemma but the inability to find any virgin girls. The city elders lashed the girlfolk for not protecting their virginity for such crisis. The girlfolk after a while could’nt take it any more and decided to take the matter in their own hands. They gathered in the city stadium and began the tiresome task of threading in beads. They aimed to make such a pretty necklace which they would then present to the five headed dragon. The dragon would then become really confused which head to put the necklace on. And thus bound in his eternal confusion they would capture her and put it in a small box. Which they would give to the menfolk to sink to the bottom of the city lake. And thus ends the story.


Third in the series of stories based on pics.Another one from supreet here.

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