Teetar, bater and other birds

This is the second part of our conversation. If you are thinking which conversation, you would have to read this post.

Are you non-veg?…ok so you are..what do you have..chicken?…mutton..? beef? pork..??
Ok..so generally you have chicken and mutton only. Me too…I generally eat birds, mostly chicken because they are the only ones available. I have eaten, teetar, bater, duck.. In teetar also there are two varities, one which is home bred, the other jungli. The jungli ones are really tasty, but each of them weigh only about 150 gms, while the home bred ones are like 300-400 gms. In fact even the gaavnty chickens are really tasty. Have you noticed they do not have a single ounce of fat. Pure muscle. But you should have desi chickens which are like 6-7 months old. Any older and you wouldn’t be able to chew. You need kachha pyaaz to eat it then. Even broiler you should take 3-4 months old.

…yeah bater is the small brown one. Ok..so you have had bater at mohammed ali road..hunh? There is also another one which has brown spots on it. It’s called chakor. But you don’t get it nowadays. “

3 thoughts on “Teetar, bater and other birds”

  1. mast hai yaar.. very interesting facts & conversation.
    aaj bus mein mere peeche wale seat pe ek british bandaa apne accent mein phone pe baat kar raha tha. mast entertain hua mein naya accent sun ke 😀

  2. abhi kaafi sare facts and figures baaki hain..:)
    and yeah ..though we have learnt our english from the english ..but i don’t know why we don’t have their accent.

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