Fistful of Raisins

This is the third post about that conversation. Please read first and second if you wish, before reading this.

“So you eat outside daily. Oh sometimes you and your roomies cook too. Eating at home is the best. For me, my family is in chandigarh, while i have been posted here. That’s why come here, because here you can eat a large variety for less money. What was that i last had..yeah beans. Now i am having baingan. There is so much in nature, you should always have a variety. In daals there are so many varities. But still the quality you get is not so good. It’s all bio engineered. When i was young, we had toovar daal which took 14 months to ripen. Nowadays the variety they grow, its takes 4 months from sowing to reaping. That toovar tasted sweet. But now it is really difficult to get. Even if some farmer grows, he does only for his own consumption.
Even this rotis are all made of maida. You know there is one thing you should do. You know raisins, …yeah kishmish. You should have 30 grains of it daily. That will counteract on all the bad effects. But then you should have more water otherwise it will some bad side effects ..haa hAA haa.”

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  1. Yesterday some friends and I went to “Naan and Curry” in the city (San Francisco is called ‘the city’ in the bay area)for dinner. The manager was a very personable guy who started telling us stories from his youth in Amritsar. Apparently when he was young he once bought one can of coke (cans were expensive in those days) and kept the can long after he had finished the drink. Everyday he would fill the can with water and pretend to drink from it giving people the impression that he drank a can of coke everyday. People began thinking that he was wealthy and this apparently got him some luck with the ladies. Another story from a random stranger. Just like yours.

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