What is love?

I asked this to my friends. And now I am asking you, what do you consider as love? Love as happiness is an abstract noun. And like happiness what love means to each individual changes from person to person. Is it a extra flow of endorphins in the brain? Or is it what people compare… Continue reading What is love?

What is design?

Design is both a noun and a verb. Understanding the meaning of ‘design’ is necessary to define a designer. This series of posts is to thus to verbalize my own thoughts and collate what designing means, and what are the different parts which sum it up. Dictionary.com gives a few meanings of design off which… Continue reading What is design?


Strengthening my belief that the  majority don’t get the real meaning of scientific proof hence don’t understand what unscientific means. Read this article in i09. Although this survey is hardly proof of widespread epidemic of ignorance among recent science grads, it does suggest that many science programs educate students only in the technical aspects of… Continue reading Science?