The hot saasu Maa?

She’s not saasu maa (mother in law) yet. But it is close enough, or what else would you call a guy’s girlfriend’s mom? I have been observing how media’s portrayal of Indian sexuality is changing with time. I had written about the indian maid before. Now it is the turn of the saas (mother in… Continue reading The hot saasu Maa?

Corn flakes and poha

Ever heard of Kelloggs corn flakes? Sure you have and might be having it every morning for breakfast. After some initial marketing faux pas, it has slowly crept into the indian kitchen. For me it is an ideal example of how marketing can be used to push anything to anyone. Because indians have long used… Continue reading Corn flakes and poha

kwippy pages are open now!

kwippy pages are open now for your viewing pleasure. Check it out, if you like it add your email for an invite. And do get in touch if you have any suggestions/criticisms, etc. 🙂 i m here:


People love them not just for the torrents, but for their attitude as well. There are a vast number of other torrent trackers around, but Piratebay makes news most often. On their home page their is a link called Legal Threats on which they post the legal notices/emails they get. This one was really funny,… Continue reading PirateBay