Jaagore – The morality loophole

The ‘Jaagore‘ campaign started just before the parliamentary elections. They started with the ‘cast your vote’ idea, aiming people who did not care enough to vote. As an idea it was good, as ‘voting’ was the new politically hip and correct thing to do. With these ideas they also brought the product along, the tata tea. Seemingly as the tea refreshes everyone out of their morning sleepiness, this campaign would go on to wake up every adult to his moral duty.
The trick with these kind of campaigns is that you don’t want to be too eager to push your product. It should seem that you are in it just to spread the message. Like the IBM smart planet ads, where they showcase their work which is doing good for the planet. Here the association is also direct, someone uses their product, they are doing something good for the planet. Recently I saw this ad, which asks people not to bribe officials to get their work done.

The message in itself is good. Good in a way like everyone thinks of getting up early and being healthy, wealthy and wise. But for a moment let us consider that everyone will wake up from their sleep and not give bribes again. Their is a moral loophole I see in here. Someone pays money in a bribe and in return gets his work done faster. And by saying “Khilana Bandh pilana Shuru”, they want people to consume more of their tea. By this they did accidentally implied that, be it any message their main reason for showing these ads is to increase their tea sale. Isn’t that immoral?

2 thoughts on “Jaagore – The morality loophole”

  1. I totally disagree on your comment. In a country like ours if someone started an initiative for stopping the spreading of a tumor named as corruption, it’s really good. If they are able make at least 1 change in every 100 case of bribing I believe they are successful.

    Well I am neither a Tata Tea fan nor a regular drinker but after seeing the add I started spreading the same message to all the people I know. I am proud to say this that I am more or less successful spreading this idea and implementing this idea.

    Lastly well I am happy just because I have saved some of my and my friend’s money by not paying any bribe. I don’t know how many of you believe that I have got my work done in govt offices also without paying any bribe.

  2. As I said the problem is not with the message they are spreading, but the medium. They have used their advertisement for tata tea as a medium for that message. So in affect they are bribing the society by showing that they are so good hearted, but in return society shoud drink their tea. So their message itself gets contradicted. They should not have brought the tea into the storyline at all. If they just left it at the message, “don’t bribe”, then it would have been great.

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