Foreign Affairs

“What time is it?” “hmm..”, taking out the phone from the pocket, “7.50”, I tell him. “At this time of the day, nobody would be out. If a young boy goes out, the soldiers will just take a stick and start beating. I miss Kashmir. But I don’t miss that fear. You know I come… Continue reading Foreign Affairs


“I have always wanted to see this place from inside. Finally”, I said smiling. “This is a much smaller shop. If you see my MG Road showroom it is 5 times bigger.” “Oh… what is in that small room?”, I asked moving towards it. “Sit. First what will you have, coke, tea…Indian tea haan!” “Tea… Continue reading Sales

The warm rug

I was sitting there feeling the warmth of the wollen rug beneath me, and the lukewarm terracota tumbler with milk in my hand. “Bhai, ye chatai kis cheez ki bani hai?”, I asked Jatan Bhai. “kaun sa ye..? ye jungli gyag ke baal ka bana hai. meri miseej ne banaya hai.”, he said, smiling proudly. “Gyag?… Continue reading The warm rug

Nobody Knows

This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any living or dead people is entirely coincidental. —————————————————————– I had arrived a day before, but felt like a veteran, riding the official ride of aurovillians, the TVS moped. It wouldn’t go any faster, and I was dangerously close to missing my lunch. My guest house… Continue reading Nobody Knows

Clouds on the horizon

Hello I am Mr. Selvamani, and this is a normal hot, humid, filter coffee scented morning, reporting to you live from Madras. I work in the meteorology department. Not he one who deal with meteors, aah no no. We deal with temperature both in celsius and in fahrenheit. Also with rain and the absence of… Continue reading Clouds on the horizon

भागो सेर आया

ये मेरे एक दोस्त की जुबानी एक सच्ची कहानी है . “१८ साल पहले मेनका गाँधी ने हमारे गाँव के पास टायगर छुडाये थे . इनमे कुछ चिड़िया घर तो कुछ सर्कस से थे. एक बार में और मेरा दोस्त शाम को स्कूल से लौट रहे थे . में और मेरा दोस्त छज्जू एक स्पंज… Continue reading भागो सेर आया

The world’s most simple language

This is part of chasing frames. ************************************************ Hi, I am Michael Souza, a linguist researching on languages which do not use recursion. It has long been held by Chomsky and his followers that the human child has an inherent instinct for languages. Teach him a few rules and he will use recursion to make more… Continue reading The world’s most simple language

The SuperGroup

People saw black clouds rushing, as if god had pressed the sky’s fast forward button. Nobody noticed the 4 guys silently entering their lane, as they were too busy grabbing clothes from the hanging lines and covering their vegetable carts with plastic. They ran inside their homes and birds tried to find space between shutters… Continue reading The SuperGroup