Starting from scratch

I am starting my work at Kathaa Animations this monday.They are the people behind the Hum-Tum cartoon idea. Finally i’ll get to do something interesting. And I’ll be getting around 1/4th of my previous salary.

5 Comments on “Starting from scratch

  1. well Kaa,
    Others understand or not but u know that ur going to do a good job. May be ur earning 1/4th of ur previous salary but ur doing what u like unlike others who may be getting 10 times ur salary but dont like their job. all the best and iam happy for ur job. lets meet and have fun some day.
    do see my blog

  2. kaa all the best…..good that u have got the job which interested u…it interests me also……………really it will be a great job doing something creative all the time thinking about the concept that excites u…….

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