Rasas in “Goldfinger”

I have been listening to the song Goldfinger from the James Bond movie. I have always liked the song. After seeing this video of the live concert did I realize why the liking. I could identify at least 6 rasas. The way Shirley switches from one to the other is remarkable too. She should have been an Indian classical dancer seeing her mettle in expressions. I have tried to take screenshots to show what I mean.

Rasa - Adbhutam (Amazement)
Rasa - Hasyam (Laughter)
Rasa - Karunyam (Compassion)
Rasa - Vatsalya (parental love)
Rasa - Vibhatsa (disgust)
Rasa - Viram (heroic mood)

Do comment if you see any other rasa in the video.

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