Gajalakshmi Seated Elephants Ravi Varma


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This is a vintage print based on a Ravi Varma painting. This is a screen print printed in Ravi Varma press Karla Lonavla. Gajalakshmi is the aspect of Goddess Lakshmi who takes care of the heavy/fixed assets. Elephants were used to symbolise assets like land, property and such. There are other portrayals of gajalakshmi where she is standing or seated on a lotus between elephants, but in a flowing river. A flowing river symbolises using flow of money to generate more money. In this case however she is seated in padmasana on a static throne. Suited for someone who for example has won a huge lottery, but doesn’t really want to invest the amount, just use it judicially to live luxuriously for a long time.

Size is 10 b 14 inch.

Price is inclusive of economy shipping.

By default this print comes unframed. Contact me in case you would like custom framing. I have many different vintage wood frames. For this size framing using vintage wood frames starts at Rs 600, using acrylic glass, which is safe from breakage in shipping.


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