New Year’s present

I got a call from my friend TB yesterday. He was pretty excited. He wanted to tell me something about his 3rd girlfriend. I realized the shy guy I knew from school had changed into a casanova.

TB starts, “abe kaa, this girl has promised to give me a present next new year.”

Kaa: “But that’s a far away, why did she tell you know, itne jaldi.”
TB:”arey yaar she says it will be priceless, and when i asked her to tell me about it, she says if I have even a little dimaag i will know”

Kaa:” oh ….ooooh…”

TB:”what do u think it will be, yaar, i am totally clueless.”

kaa:” hmmmm…..if u have even a little dimaag u will know.”

TB:”Yaar seriously tell me what do u think it is?”

Kaa:”well whats so special about new year….hmmm…..maybe because its winter…and she is planning to knit a sweater for you….yeah that figures she will need some months to get it finished. Yeah i am pretty sure it will be a sweater”

TB:”kya yaar ..tune toh mere life ko hindi movie bana dee”

Kaa:” or maybe she will give you gaajar ka halwa…my mom says you never get as good gaajars as you get them in winter. That seems a probability too.”

TB:”saale tu mil tujhe mein peetoonga”

I was just pulling your leg TB, may god (and your GF) give you whatever you want :D.

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  1. Hmmm…! Considering that she is the 3rd GF, probably she just wants to use the thgt of gift as a bait for the relationship to last that period…hehe..

    Pardon but earlier got really weird ideas as to what the gift cd be… Keep informed..!!

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