Never stop trying

My friend Supreet started this meme of writing a story based on this picture. He had given me 100 words. I have taken my artistic license a lil far beyond. And I am writing it as a parable. More posts from supreet and dipankar


In a quiet town called Eritoria, there lived a young man called Stephan. He was calm, bordering on boring inspite of being young. And being in the age that he was, he was hugely unpopular with the girl folk of Eritoria.

In fact nobody noticed him as he walked the streets or sat in a pub drinking a dark beer.

One night with the moon glowing blue amidst the clouds, he walked towards the lone hill. The night was silent. It seemed even the critters had either fallen asleep or were resting after bouts of mating. He noticed clouds blanketing the moon as the moonlight faded. As he neared the peak, the clouds began to rumble.

He saw a bright flash of light and a thundering sound. The hair on his neck stood up. He could’nt move.
He had a vision.
He could see a girl dressed in white with white wings floating near him. He realized that it was an angel. The angel whispered in his ears,
“Dude, don’t waste your youth,
Coz even kings with there gold
with speed become old
dress up, style up and don’t be uncouth.”

With this he came back to his senses. Off he went to the city tailor, woke him up and giving some urgent, phoney reasons asked him to stictch the very latest in fashion.

The next day dressed to the nines he went to a friends party. He had been promised all the beauties of Eritoria had been invited.

The party had begun. People were faking laughs on boring jokes.

Amidst the crowd one girl stood apart. He had never seen her before. He thought he saw her smiling at him. With angels whispering in his ear, his head had exploded to twice it’s size. He went to her and said,
“oh beauty with the drink
i am a youth, who was uncouth,
but i am decked up to the brink
So lets go out,
amidst the bushes
and make out.”

The girl’s eyes became read at this wanton proposal. With the flick of her wrist as fast as lightning she threw her drink on his face.

And with this we get to the end of the story. The moral of the story is definitely not, “Don’t put off ‘til tomorrow what you can do today.”
It is actually closer to this, “Never stop trying.”

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