Do, chaar, chhe, aath, dus. Bas.

Awesome article about MithunDa.

Secondly, the plot, the basic template of which remains unchanged. Whether he plays an honest police officer or a member of the working masses, Mithunda loses his parents to the evil men (usually Thakurs or the mafia) within the first 30 minutes. A horrible fate then befalls his sister just before the interval. With an hour of the movie left, he metamorphoses into an avenging angel. The only suspense that is then left is—in which order will he kill the villains and how far will their body parts fly.

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2 thoughts on “Do, chaar, chhe, aath, dus. Bas.”

  1. abbe… mithunda roxx… a fortnight ago, i spent the entire weekend with mithunda dvds…
    watch angaara… surprising twists in tale. he has parents they dont get killed.. he has sister… she doesn’t get… he has a gaon ki chori falling in love.. she doesnt have a paunch…

    also bheeshma 🙂

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