Some like them experienced, with knowledge of the moves, others prefer young, immature and tight. Likewise in music.

Today’s was tight.

I go to rock concerts like this for the energy, of people as well as the 10,000 watt speakers’. The less famous bands play earlier, but they also play it heavier. So what happens is this; if the frenzy zooms up in the beginning, and then as more famous bands play less heavier songs, energy goes down. So when Pentagram’s turn came, everybody was either exhausted or overdosed on pot. And particularly because I feed on the crowds energy, it was a downer.


The pit here was the largest I have seen. And the fact that it was named Mosh Mania, gave it a certain legitimacy. There are certain features of the Mosh Pit. At the center of the pit are the hardcore rockers. With piercings and dreadlocks. If you are not one of them, you only go there if you are a daredevil like me ;). But these hardcore lot are the sweetest people I have seen. They may look like the devil’s massagers and doorkeepers, but even when one of the 100 kilo giants mosh a 60 kilo guy like me, they do it with care.

At the peripheries are the fakers. They are afraid of getting hurt but still want to get involved in the fun. They keep an eye behind their backs and make sure that there isn’t another faker behind him. Then all throughout they act as the fuel which keeps the pit burning. Whenever a mosher reaches the periphery they push him back in. And they don’t take much care of how they do it. And most will only push from the back, so that in case the guy gets hurt they need not take responsibility.

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