Leather Chappal

Tried my hands at sewing a chappal with my hands. The leather was again from a scrap leather dealer in Ghee Kanta,  Ahmedabad. The sole is reclaimed tyre rubber. The best thing about custom made footwear is that it fits like a glove :D.


The cheap awl I was using had a plastic handle which came off very soon. Used MSeal  for making the awl handle. Embedded it with seed from the manjadi, the bead tree, and some other baubles I had lying around. This also gives it added grip.

3 thoughts on “Leather Chappal”

  1. @vinod, yahan ek scrap leather ki dukaan hai.. jahan random shapes ke tukde milte hain. boriyon mein bhari hui…dhoondh ke nikaal lo…kilo ke paise do

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