Since around 20 days, my home looks like a terrorist bomb site. My whole terrace has been laid with marble. Which when was about to get finished my landlord thought of doing more beautifications.

Anyway, I have a nice rapport with the workers.

Yesterday we ordered a bucket of chicken masala. Which was enormous, and we could’nt even finish a quarter of it. Now S had this good idea of giving rest of the chicken to the workers. So today morning I asked them.
You guys do have chicken, right?
Haan bhaiyya we do have chicken, but we only have the halaal kind.

Now I was slightly pissed off. Then I wondered should I be? I personally have eaten non-veg in my muslim friends’. And they have eaten in mine. Should the religious rules be followed rigidly or should they be considered as guidelines which when the context demands can be broken?

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