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Travelling in mumbai locals has become such a daily thing that normally i wouldnt mention about it. But today is different.
A guy was speaking on the phone in marathi.

Guy: me kurlala pahunchte aahe…( — I am about to reach kurla…)

Phone:.. … . … . .. . . . .

Guy: tumee lagnla jaavat aahe ka? (are u going to the marriage?)

Phone: .. .. . .. . . . . . .

Guy: naay …lagn usi divas aahe… (no…the marriage is on that day only)

Phone:…. . …. . . . . . . .

Guy: mulgi doosre mulgela saath bhhagli..magar doosri mulgi gaon madhe taiyyar aahe ..toh shaadi usi din aahe … (the to be bride ran away with another boy..but another girl in the village was willing and the marriage is to be held on that day only)

p.s. to marathi readers (if any), I respect all languages including marathi. But i have found that using incorrect language is the only way to get people to teach you the correct version :).

Also on the same train a middle aged man came and offered me a small glass of chilled water. And not just me, he offered it to practically the whole bogey. he had a lots of plastic water bottles. What he didnt have was batch of any organisation, nor any words.

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