cycling anyone?

I have had some long cycling trips using racing bikes. When you travel on highways and want to save time you have to take racing bikes. They are very light which means your efforts are being used to propel you not your bike. But on the other hand the riding position is such that you have to bend at an angle of almost 90 degrees. And to keep an eye on the traffic you have to further keep your head up, which means another 90 degrees bend. After a long ride the part of body which hurts most are not the legs but the back and neck. So all in all long rides are a pain in the ass. Which brings us to the seat. I have not a found a single well designed seat which optimizes between comfort and support. Either it is too hard or it is too soft not providing enough support.

The other type of bikes are primarily those with wide tyres and a very strong steel frame generally called mountain bikes. They are good for small rides but they are very heavy.

So when I found this company called Bigha which has come out with an extremely well designed bike. For starters it has its pedals in the front. This gives the rider a posture similar to that of cruiser motorbikes. The seats are situated nearer to ground which lowers the centre of gravity. It also has a backrest. And its seats are gel filled with adjustable hardness. Many other things can also be adjusted like the seat height and its distance from the handle. And as good things do not come cheap, this starts at $3400 but if I had that much to spare I would have definitely gone for it.

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