Bhilai Reunion @Lonavla

16 guys + 1 bungalow + 1 swimming pool + lots of booze == lots of fun + lots of puke + lots of tears
The initiator was Sarva, who is here for his vacation from US. I passed the baton to madho (urf subhash :). He did such great work at contacting everyone he could, and then motivating, threating and forcing people to lend a weekend for old friends. Who else would have made a whole doc file with email ids and phone numbers of our classmates. The dates 23rd and 24th were fixed, and the place lonavla was chosen for it’s good climate as well as accessibility. Madho even booked a awesome bungalow.

saturday (23rd): People set off from pune, mumbai and surat. A few of us namely me, bunty, sarva, dhagat, tyabji and shiv reached lonavla by 2 pm. We went to bushi dam, trekked to the waterfall and had some nice bathing vathing. By 5 we had our fill of fun and went to book into the bungalow. It was around a km from the railway station. A duplex with lots of mattresses and a house servant. Subhash gets another kiss for it :-{}.
As the night approached more people began arriving and by 8 all had arrived. We all sat around mehfil style. And the drinks started flowing. I will upload some video files in a day. Old stories and incidents kept flowing. Some samples:anirvan- ” ek baar madho gadhe mein gir gaya, aur hasne laga. uski maa usko hasta dekhkar bolti hai, ‘ek toh girta hai fir hastahai maadho'”.
Ania the king of farts and second papaji of a great many. papaji because he renamed a lot of guys who even now dread those names. When asked what made him name Ravi Verma as pilli papa, he says,
“ek baarmein raipur se aa raha thha. Kya dekhta hun ki ravi ke papa baithhe hain. Beticket.
Dare hue. Ekdum pilli lag rahe thhe.” Somebody asked, “Pilli matlab?” Ania:”arey ekdum darpok types, bengali hai.” toh isi liye kyonki ravi ke papa pilli thhe isi liye uska naam pad gaya pilli papa.

Now nobody please believe this, and i am really sorry if i am insulting anyone (ravi’s father). But the fact is Ania is so imaginative ki junta it’s upto you how much of it you should believe :)). Ania yaar maaf kar de ;).

And about old crushes. Which i wouldnt disclose. Those who wish to know all the details should have come. So better be there @the next meetup :).

And gradually as people began getting drunk and some people began getting sentimental. I won’t go into details, but i will say this to everyone, be confident in yourself and you will achieve what you want.

Others began puking making a mess of the beautiful bungalow. And to our bad luck the servant came for a midnight check. He was so terrified at the scene he promptly called up his master. And the master came in the morning demanding demanding extra money,,,and chewed madho’s balls a lot. But thanks to madho and jaydeep he dint get anything extra.

Morning some of us went for a swim in the pool. Where madho in his skin colored chaddi scared some kids who thought he was naked. And bunty with his white chaddi who looked like mandakini in that famous scene.

Gradually one by one, everybody woke up, with there hangovers :). And we walked over to a snack shop. Where everybody ate so much poha that he was very happy with his earnings and he closed the shop when we left.

Then we hired a sumo sort of vehicle, and in two trips went to ‘Loin’ point. It was awesome. Though the lion looked a bit like a gorilla. But still.
Shot lots of baloons at the mela. Guess what they used as bullets in the air gun….moong daal is the correct answer.

Spent some time at the lion’s point before moving on the monkey’s point. We expected a rockface shaped like a monkey, all it had was a bunch of monkeys fornicating.

After that most of us wanted to be back to our homes. Madho was a little upset as he had booked the vehicle to show some 5 points but we had seen only two, lion and monkey.

And we booked a sumo. Others caught a train. And we are now all back in the same old world of getting up in the morning for job, slogging at work and coming back to our homes. While we were young i was not very happy. i always wanted to grow up. To have the money to buy anything i wanted. To eat as many chocolates as i could. To have the freedom to do whatever i wanted. But now like me most of you would prefer to go back to our childhood. But there is a silver line to all this. Imagine yourself after 20 years, middle aged, pot bellied, beginning to get old we would so want to get the age we are in now. We would all cherish what we can do now. So make the most of your javaani while you can :).

and please junta if you want to say anything please comment, or mail me and i will add it in the blog itself. Please try to recall any dailogues or interesting conversations. Jab boodhe ho jaayengey toh pad ke khoob hasengey. Aur parag and nitin please upload karo yaar pics. Bunty ke fone ke pics yahan par hain : flickr sets

Aur flickr pe bhi masti ke saath comment karne ka. And girls yaar tum log nahi aa paye mein samajh sakta hoon, bombay pune ke baahar se toh koi ladka bhi nahi aaya. Please tum log bhi comment shomment karo :).

7 thoughts on “Bhilai Reunion @Lonavla”

  1. Great post dear . Appreciate your efforts to upload the photos and coming up with this blog as well . Also Subhash akka madho efforts were commendable .Madho too came up with the jist that day itself.Give me a few days to come up with my post as well.Thanks to madho for providing all of us with such wonderful moments to cherish for ; all our lives…

  2. dear sir,
    i m realy delighted after reading the posting and i still no that u always topped in essay writing , but this one was realy awsome,
    u got 110 out of 100,
    but i think neta dosent like me thats y i can hardly locate my self in photoes taken by him,
    he will get -110 out of 100
    he needs to put extra effort on this part of the life,
    rahul dhagat

  3. arey nahi yaar dhagat ..soch na itne log foto kheech rahe thhe usme bunty ke ho pics 2 din mein hi aa gaye ..aur abhi kaafi pics baki hain re ..:)

  4. Hi KAA,,,
    I mexpecting response frm atleast all those who r in the trip,,but only 2 person have commented so far,,,anyways i have some great stories 2 share that i will b sharing 2morrow,,,wait for the big day….

    Subhash Kumar

  5. reading the blog i really wished that i could be there…its at every stage we want to go back in good old days….i know i will miss this trip but next time i will be there……
    yaar sahi hai maja aaya hoga purani baatein sunne mein……

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