Baba ke Bol – Part 3

I was on Shilawati, at a speed of around 20-25kmph, when the truck in my front suddenly braked. Following the indian tradition of filling in the nooks on onward traffic, I took a sharp left and overtook the truck. Now what could have made the loaded truck take such a sudden brake, I wondered. My question was answered by a skinny puppy. It stood almost bang in front of the truck, and concentrated on something stuck to the road. When I carefully looked, it was the leathery remains of a roadkill. For the puppy there was nothing else in that moment. You could see the concentration in its eyes, as it tried to pry the stuff off the surface. When you see something like that, you respect it. Probably that is why the truck driver decided to drive around the pup, even with the rush traffic.

Learn from the pup my friend, and transcend it. You don’t have to be at the desperate end, to be ‘in the moment’.

2 thoughts on “Baba ke Bol – Part 3”

  1. Well, something scientific to learn from the truck wallah too: when you are ‘high’, humans may become invisible to you; but puppies must be noticed & saved.


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