AFSPA, 1958

AFSPA stands for “Armed Forces Special Powers”. You may remember the media coverage over the murder of a woman named Manorama, in manipur. The documentary was about the events following her murder.

This rape and murder was like the last straw, which broke the Manipuri women’s endurance. Any group of people which has unlimited power and no one to answer to, becomes a monster. So has the “Indian army” stationed there with their AFSPA shield become a monster. Sadly what I saw made me think so.

What strikes is the absurdity…courage?…anger…brutality..when one sees a group of 20 kids with a few teenagers take on vans of police, rpf with tear gas, lathis and even guns with just catapults. David and goliath is what came to mind. Even the staunchest “patriot” / “army supporter” would get ashamed.

Why are these people so angry?
There has to be a very strong reason for ladies to stand naked in front of the assam rifles headquarters. With a banner which reads “Come rape us Indian Army”. With guards hiding themselves behind bushes, not having guts enough to disperse them.

When they hold up banners of, “Go back to India”, a question pops up “are they not in India?”. What have we done to alienate them…..or maybe what have’nt we done?

A group of college students decide to use Gandhi’s teaching of civil disobedience. WIth placards on their chest with a “arrest us” they march up to the police station. WHat they get is merciless lathi charge without any provocation.

They burnt “indian goods”, cartons of bisleri, maaza..etc. It was very nostalgic, the whole documentary …bringing to memory black and white images at 16 frames per second of our own independence struggle. Is there really any difference?

I want as many people to see this documentary. I have mailed the director to send me a cd. I am ready to buy it, solely that i can lend it to friends ..upload it on servers , make as many people to see them. If you want to contact the director his email id is haobampaban{at}

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  1. i have never been to northeast but a friend from assam once said that people actually say “this thing is made in india”. whither national integration. we don’t even know any of that region’s history, nowhere in the textbooks. wud love to see that cd. yaar mein aa raha hu may mein, dikhana mereko tab.

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