Aching muscles and baby squirrel

Started exercising after a long time. The coach who is called Rambo by everyone seems to be hell bent on making me rambo junior.
Also had a steam bath. Yeah ….i am living life kingsize.
Felt like a boiled chicken afterwards. Am a little apprehensive about trying the sauna.

On a sidenote a baby squirrel was discovered in our flat. Very frightened at first, gradually started nibbling an assortment of peanuts and various dals. The part of me which has always wanted a pet was starting to feel warm. Yesterday my roomie announces that he has taken it out and “freed” it. First I felt like kicking him, but his arguement was we would all have felt bad if it died on us. And that it can now go back to his own home. More likely it’ll become a crow’s meal. But my roomie has dispensed himself of the burden by doing a “good” deed. And I am happy that I was not involved in the decision. Is there a better word than ‘selfish’ for this?

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