Winds of Change

Winds of change is a famous phrase, also a song by scorpions. What is incredible about this phrase is that wind blows when something changes. When temperature, pressure, humidity something changes, the air moves. So when the wind changes direction, it is a second degree of change. And wind changes in the most unexpected ways on 14 January, the day of the winter solstice, also known as Sankranti.

And the western part of our country, where I am presently, specifically in Ahmedabad, the wind reigns supreme. Much of our coastline has hills right next to it, the eastern ghats and the western. The wind moving across Gujarat has no such hurdle, and can move at its own will. In my experience living in Ahmedabad since the last 7 years I have been able to observe this dominance of the wind. For example, in the hottest of summers the night time wind sometimes so cool, you might need a blanket. This makes sleeping on rooftops a favourite activity. Many people having air conditioners and ample money to pay its bill, still prefer to sleep on the openair rooftops of their homes.

And maybe this friendship with the air element that makes the West India people good in business. Like kites even in business one has to foresee what direction the market in moving. To let go the threads or to wind up. Pondering upon these while flying kites in Juna Wadaj, on rooftop of a friend’s apartment. Looking forward to the Undhiyu, a mixed veggie delicacy that is had on this day. Happy Sankranti to you all. May you be able to handle changes smoothly.

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