Wicked hour

Sundat evenings have always been sad for me. In anticipation of the monday morning blues :). Anyway i have found a balm which eases the pain. The wicked hour on 102.6 fm (delhi AIR rainbow), RJed by sunny. Awesome music. And very concurrent to my newly discovered hobby, of discovering new music. And I am also thinking of starting a podcast, sharing my own new discoveries with others.

2 thoughts on “Wicked hour”

  1. Sughosh Varadarajan

    :O You mean you can actually still discover new music through the radio? I’d given up on that idea ages ago!

    Or maybe Delhi radio’s just better than the tripe we get here in Mumbai…do share, preferably on this blog itself. I am equally on a discover-new-music trip (possibly permanently so)

  2. hey sughosh… i was in mumbai around 1.5 years back..and i reckon there was this one program …again on AIR channel and late night too. i think its because AIR has at least some programs which are not sponsored, so the RJs can really play what they want and not a list they have been provided. but don’t know if it that program is still on.

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