What if?

What if your senses jumbled up. If you could smell your touch. If you could see a smell. That would make the number of senses to go up, by permutations and combinations.
Would that make a richer experience.
One of my friends feels like eating a few particular colors whenever she sees them.

2 thoughts on “What if?”

  1. this is not entirely in the realm of What if.. some people experience some taste while listening to some raga or a piece of music. Some people have mentioned visualising certain colours based on what they eat or touch. Basically what morpheus said is true. Its all in your mind. Dont you agree? (sorry for the novel that is my comment)

  2. yeah i know ..i had read it somewhere ..it is caused by some nerve cross connecting or something…some vague explanation…
    “what if” is for us ordinary mortals..:)

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