Value addition -101

I was shopping for groceries in my nearby vegetable market, when I saw this.

veggie seller

A little background info first. Vegetables in our country (India) are generally sold by smalltime hawkers. These hawkers may not even have a fixed shop. They get the vegetables from the whole sale sellers who are generally at the outskirts of the town/city. These wholesale sellers get them directly from the adjoining villages.

Compare this to the veggies that are sold in supermarkets. These supermarkets(the big chains at least) also get them directly from the producer, but they process the veggies (peel the peas, cut the cauliflowers) etc so that people find them easy to use. Given the lack of time and inclination who wouldn’t pay some extra cash for the convinience.

But this innovative seller was processing the greens (spinach and others), cutting them with his revolving cutter and selling it at the same rate as the other sellers. Obviously he had more customers.

Value addition tip #1 : Give your customers a little something more (something which will make there lives easier/happier) at around the same price as the competition.

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