Troubleshooting Bullet starting problems

Yesterday I kicked at it for almost half an hour. Till my right leg muscles began to cramp. Gave up took an auto to office. These videos helped a lot.

Today morning I was determined I would find out what exactly is wrong. Keys on, right switch on, petrol lever down. And I tried the horn, it did’nt work. Voila, so it was a dead battery. Success at the first troubleshooting I did. I am sharing this with everyone who think of their rides/gadgets etc as black boxes. You input a fuel/energy and it gives back what you need. But sometimes a lil bit of coaxing does help. As I learn more about the bullet in particular I will share it here.

I will start with the very high level modular scheme. A internal combustion engine needs three things to run:

  1. Fuel
  2. Compression
  3. Spark

If the engine gets good quality fuel and it is compressed with the right mixture of air. And at the right moment it gets the spark from the spark plug, the engine will run. So any troubleshooting should be three pronged. First should find out which of these 3 things has the problem. And then go onwards.

Expect more such posts in the future :).

3 thoughts on “Troubleshooting Bullet starting problems”

  1. yaar mera guide hai uska experiment karte waqt aisa hai attitude hota hai. mast trouble shooter hai banda. aur yeh gyaan kitaabo ne nahi milta. techne episteme wali baat hai 😀
    as u said its a matter of familiarity and comfort level with system u r working with.
    best of luck! ummeed hai aap bhi ek din mahaan bullet waadi banenge.

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