kwippy pages are open now!

kwippy pages are open now for your viewing pleasure. Check it out, if you like it add your email for an invite. And do get in touch if you have any suggestions/criticisms, etc. 🙂 i m here:

kwippy !!

What is kwippy? – a micro/nanoblogging webapp + IM status logger + social network Why another microblogging app when there are already plenty out there? – There is twitter, pownce, jaiku, and 10 other similar ones. Though all of these promote small posts, each has a different kind of social network. On twitter you mostly… Continue reading kwippy !!

Hektor : Robot, spray paint my city!

It can be plugged into a laptop, and can render a digital illustration on a wall. It is definitely lo-fi as the paint drips and the can wobbles. But that is the charm :). Here is one of its creations. More about it here.

Paper on Digital Identity

A paper I had written was selected for publication by USID 2007, HCI Hyderabad. Without much ado, here is the file: Digital Identity