Youtube redux

I had written how embeds are a window into other peoples pages in this post: “Embeds are Octopussy“. Some of the things which I had predicted are now online. This screenshot from a youtube embed says a hundred words, so I’ll shut up.


I like nike sites. Though they are made in flash, which takes away some things I am quiet used to nowadays like permalinks. They have this emotional quality to their site which makes me feel to get up and go running. So I guess they have partially succeeded. Full success would have meant me running… Continue reading Geography?

Useful header

Most site headers are a generic image which is common throughout the site. What if the header also serves a purpose. I really liked how opensourcefood uses the food images as header background.

Google spam

Do you see the difference between the two images? In the first mail i got to the mail by clicking on the “spam” link on the left menu. This is in fact same as using “in:spam” in the search. Since the mail is a spam, the button on top is “Not spam”. Which is the… Continue reading Google spam

Gandhiji on a software interface

Adobe has released Buzzword. Looks very nice, have to explore it more. What struck me was the use of an image in place of an icon. Gandhiji’s picture has been used for the image icon. No wonder though, because he is the ICON and now we have proof that the world thinks so.