Youtube redux

I had written how embeds are a window into other peoples pages in this post: “Embeds are Octopussy“. Some of the things which I had predicted are now online. This screenshot from a youtube embed says a hundred words, so I’ll shut up.

Variables and the invariables

Out of PCM or physics, chemistry and maths, what I loved during engineering was physics. Even now the love continues. What makes it preferrable to the others would deserve an entire post. And I have worked as a physics lecturer at a JEE coaching institure too. Apart from lectures my work included making new physics… Continue reading Variables and the invariables

What is design?

Design is both a noun and a verb. Understanding the meaning of ‘design’ is necessary to define a designer. This series of posts is to thus to verbalize my own thoughts and collate what designing means, and what are the different parts which sum it up. gives a few meanings of design off which… Continue reading What is design?

BoomBox on BMX

Teenagers from trinidad have put up 15000 watt speakers on their BMX bikes. Well that is indeed awesome, but what caught my eyes were the teenagers. They all look indian. And trinidad has strong connections with UP-Bihar. And the head of the crew is Nick Ragbir. And there’s a documentary made about this.