Media type and the Social network

What is a media type in context to the internet? I would say images, video, text, would be the basic ones. Now say someone wants to create a web application which supports uploading and display of images. On top of that also wants to create a social network which helps the uploader share and comment… Continue reading Media type and the Social network

what abt sense of humour?

Do you think big corporate websites should have a sense of humour? whatever you think some of them do. If you type “chuck norris find” and press “I’m feeling lucky” you would see what I mean. Earlier I had written about Flickr’s use of pop culture lingo here. via mayank updated on 5th may ’08… Continue reading what abt sense of humour?

kwippy !!

What is kwippy? – a micro/nanoblogging webapp + IM status logger + social network Why another microblogging app when there are already plenty out there? – There is twitter, pownce, jaiku, and 10 other similar ones. Though all of these promote small posts, each has a different kind of social network. On twitter you mostly… Continue reading kwippy !!

Google spam

Do you see the difference between the two images? In the first mail i got to the mail by clicking on the “spam” link on the left menu. This is in fact same as using “in:spam” in the search. Since the mail is a spam, the button on top is “Not spam”. Which is the… Continue reading Google spam